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I started going to Rehab Solutions due to several health problems. I have a degenerative back disorder, due to a fractured back suffered in 1974, which lead to neuropathy in my left leg. I also have undergone several elbow replacements on my left arm. When I enter the door at Rehab Solutions I receive a warm welcome from the receptionist, Karen. The clinic is family owned. I feel at home talking to Chad, Renee, Karen, Tina, Amy, Ms. Evelyn and Donna.

Chad, a co-owner, is friendly and charming. He treats me like a relative. Renee, a co-owner, has a sense of humor that made me forget about my physical limitation. Ms. Evelyn treated me like a daughter. I was evaluated by Chad. He explained the management plan I would be on using a diagram. I was assigned to Tina. Tina is a bundle of joy, words cannot express the encouragement she gave me on my very first visit.

The treatment plan has allowed me to increase muscle activity in my legs and strengthen my muscles in my lower back. Tina discusses my individualized plan frequently and works with me at a steady pace. The PT has allowed me to restore movement in my legs. My self esteem goes up every time I enter Rehab Solutions. The quality of care I receive from the staff speaks volumes. Tina and the staff's interest in patient recovery is excellent. I am sure without the help, concern, compassion and interest in my condition, I would have never recovered from my difficulties. I now feel like a new person. I am independent and secure.

I cannot give the staff of Rehab Solutions enough praise and credit for my ability to function at such a high level that I am on today. I am truly a different person. Rehab Solutions is an awesome clinic and I recommend it to anyone.

Rosaland Wise Jackson

I was in a automobile accident in June 2011. My right femur was broken and my right knee was shattered. After three major surgeries and much intense pain, Rehab Solutions has brought me back with unbelievable success. I am now walking with very little assistance.

Martha Holloway

On November 22, 2011, I underwent a total knee replacement. Following four weeks of Home Health therapy, I was given an order for outpatient physical therapy. I chose Rehab Solutions because it is a convenient location for me. From the first minute I walked through the front door, I felt comfortable and at home. My physical therapy was tailored to my pace, need and ability. I never felt rushed to complete my session within a certain time limit. I was encouraged to talk and exercise at the same time. I not only reaped the benefit of the PT's expertise in total knee replacements but developed a friendship with the staff. I continue to understand the importance of a life in motion, by exercising and working out 3-5 days a week. I have NEVER felt better! I have recommended Rehab Solutions to all my friends. Although, some of the staff is Rebel fans, they treated this Bulldog like family.

Gloria Holland